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November 16, 2012


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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 16, 2012, 10:26 AM
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Oblivion's Theme - STIKS1969
  • Reading: Atlantis - D. Gibbins (present from my parents!)
  • Drinking: water

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Sacha says... by DameOdessaFripouille by DameOdessaPoupou by DameOdessa

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Mer de Desirs - Sea of Desires
Santiago du Calme ?
Je ne voyais pas toujours l'Eros de tes doigts
Mais tes yeux passionnés m'érotisaient toujours
Où étais-tu pendant toutes ces années ?
Etais-tu retournée à la montagne des Haines ?
Je me souviendrai toujours de l'éclat de tes doigts
L'odeur de ta peau ne pouvait venir que d'ailleurs
Tu étais la rose du désert qui poussait dans le froid
Je ne comprenais pas d'où te venait cette grâce improbable
Qui semblait te faire vaciller à chaque pas
Et te retirer l'air des poumons alors que tu l'aspirais
La foule te pressait contre son sein et tu t'échappais
Insouciante et ravie tu t'échappais au-dessus des rues et des vents
Que faisais-tu des nuages noirs qui souvent apparaissaient dans le ciel ?
D'un coup d'œil tu les tordais d'amour
Et ils fondaient délicatement sous la pression de ta vie
La pluie battante n'est pas que froide pour toi
La pluie sifflante est belle parce qu'elle te frappe
Rosae gratia by Octocolombus Les morts sans corps
Vous n'avez pas d'épitaphe
Vous n'avez pas de restes
De vous pas même poussière ne subsiste
Vous étiez fugaces rayons au soleil
Vous étiez parcourant la terre
Mais tout s'éteint et tout s'évapore
Vous dormiez sur la paille
Vous dormiez sous les étoiles
Dormez maintenant tranquilles
Vous creusiez les sols
Vous montiez les saules
Misère que la main qui vous menace
Vous nagiez dans les mers glacées
Vous nagiez dans les airs sifflants
De vos gestes nul ne sait
Vous marchiez et couriez
Vous mangiez et souffriez
Maintenant toute souffrance est vaine
Vous êtes terre
Vous n'êtes rien
Des festins vous ignorent vous les inconnus
Assiettes languides nightmare des tombes anonymes.
The dead ones without corpse
You don't have any epitaph
You don't have any leftovers
No dust remains from you
You were fugitive rays under the sun
You were marching on the earth
But everything fades and vanishes
You slept on the straw

Rheak - the angel of paths by PropheticPiscesStand Alone II by PropheticPiscesTranced + Trapped 'Demon' Sketch Invert by PropheticPisces
The Farmer and the Greenwood
An old farmer lived with his wife in a small cottage a little ways away from the nearest village. They were poor, and had very little in terms of material possessions. Nevertheless, they were a religious couple, and were quite content.
One day, when returning from a day's work in the fields, the farmer came into the cottage with the intention of eating the supper his wife had surely fixed him that day, only to discover that his wife was, in fact, gone. She had been baking bread earlier that day, and a message was drawn in the flour on the table. Though uneducated and illiterate, the farmer was at once able to recognize the writing as being in the language of the Faeries. With haste, he  set out for the only place he knew Faeries to live: the greenwood.
He reached the wood and wandered for hours, until he all but lost any sense of direction. After a while, the old man's stomach began to growl. He recalled with regret that, in his haste, he had neglected to bring along somethin
The Baron: PrologueAnother funeral. I flopped down onto my bed and sighed inwardly. Didn't anyone ever get tired of these things? Not in Lutetia, that was for sure. Here, death is the hand that turns the wheel of society. People attend funerals more often than Catholics attend Mass. Our obsession with the morbid, what some would consider taboo, reveals itself in the way we lay our dead to rest, in our prayers and songs, in our festivals and art, and in the books and poems we read. It takes form as a God, an all-powerful Creator, whom we have modestly dubbed the Baron.
The Baron is responsible for all war, starvation and hardship, and as a punishment for the sins of man takes back the souls he had created, one by one. Nobody's sure about what happens after a person dies. Some say that the soul is left to wander aimlessly through an eternity of darkness. Others insist that it is judged, its sins weighed against its virtues, and its reward or punishment waits in the afterlife. Still others claim that if you

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Thank you deeply for your constant support, all your love and kindness!

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shiny-shadows-Art Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
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DameOdessa Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome :)
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DameOdessa Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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ArdenEllenNixon Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
Thank you for featuring my painting "Burning Bright"!
DameOdessa Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome! :)
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