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March 8, 2013


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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 8, 2013, 7:21 AM

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Sacha says... by DameOdessaFripouille by DameOdessaPoupou by DameOdessa

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Japanese Tea Garden by argel1200For the Masqurade Witch Hat by argel1200Going Medieval by argel1200
The Tree of Hope (Book Cover) by oroster2110 AD by orosterThe Last Flight by oroster
Tough Love Lila by The-Mirrorball-ManVoyage Through the Stars by The-Mirrorball-Man Religion fictive - Les Chroniques0Il n'y avait rien alors: ni hommes, ni bêtes, ni pensées. Il n'y avait ni lumière, ni obscurité, ni son, ni silence, ni visible, ni invisible. Il n'y avait pas de haut, il n'y avait pas de bas. Il n'y avait pas de mort, il n'y avait pas de vie. Il n'y avait pas d'avenir, il n'y avait pas de passé. Où se trouvait alors cette jeune pousse de Monde? A quelle époque allait-elle germer? Qui aurait pu en saisir la subtile essence?
Il n'y avait pas de centre, il n'y avait pas de périphérie: rien que des mystères dissimulés dans des mystères, et des ombres enveloppées d'ombre. Il n'y avait pas de présence, il n'y avait pas d'absence. Il n'y avait que Lui, présence et absence confondues, à la fois au centre de toute chose et à leur périphérie.
1Au commencement, Anadeus dit «Je suis», et il y eut quelque chose là où il n'y avait rien. Le Monde se sépara entre ce qui existe et ce qui n'existe pas, entre l'indicible et ce qui peut être ressenti, entre l'indescriptible et ce qui peut être connu. Q

Ensemble Leur premier voyage les mena de la terre au ciel, en lançant la même pierre sur de jolies cases noires et blanches…
La cour sentait bon le vent du large, et il n’était pas rare qu’ils échangent leur goûter sous le préau de granit, à l’abri du professeur.
Plus tard, ils connurent leurs premiers frissons dans la cacophonie d’une vieille mobylette, ou en dérobant la pipe d'un grand-père endormi...

 …Ainsi passait leur enfance sur ces terres du bout du monde…

Un jour, devant un film qui ne les intéressait guère, eu lieu la chrysalide des amis en amants…leurs yeux se constellèrent d’étoiles…et ils se rencontrèrent pour la première fois…
Ils s’aimèrent puis se marièrent dans l’évidence d’une vie où le bonheur
RencontreIls étaient tous de blanc vêtus, affairés depuis l'aube en ce jour du nouvel an...

Au file des heures, la salle des urgences se vida, et si son tour ne devait plus tarder, jamais le petit homme n'eut l'idée d'exprimer son impatience, tant son cas lui sembla insignifiant au regard des autres patients...
Minuit allait bientôt sonner, lorsqu’il s'avança dans les couloirs déserts, à la recherche d’une fontaine. Soudain, sortie de nulle part, une frêle dame en blanc l'interpella :
-- Vous êtes blessé, demanda-t-elle ?
-- Euh...oui…mais je peux attendre…ce n'est pas très grave…...
-- Montrez, dit-elle en attrapant sa main, mais c’est très vilain…venez avec moi !

Ainsi fut-t-il en quelques secondes face à une demoiselle aux cheveux couverts, dont la robe d'infirmière lui sembla un peu c
L'Eveil de Faerie
Comme chaque matin, tout commença par un vacarme assourdissant, vint alors l’atmosphère nauséabonde des couloirs aux lumières froides, et déjà le défilé familier des carreaux de faïences entrainant chaque voyageur vers sa journée conforme à toutes les autres…
Le petit homme aperçut la volée de marches. Tout en haut, le bruit strident indiquait l'arrivée providentielle du prochain métro, l’incitant à monter à grandes enjambées jusqu’aux portes d’un wagon miraculeusement libre…
A l’instant où son corps s’apprêta à rejoindre l’onde des autres anonymes, un délicat reflet vint suspendre l’instant. Le petit homme sentit son être traversé d’un étrange frisson…il se tourna contre le flux des âmes endormies, et découvrit l’infinie

French Food #1 - Snails by LeadersheepWeek-end?!? by LeadersheepThe Pyramid of Maslow: A Theory of Sheep Motivatio by Leadersheep
Colorization Tagger by ToL82Wallpaper One piece by ToL82Dessin sur le theme du nouvel ans chinois by ToL82
ApathyPeople, people, why do you scurry
always in a hurry
scurry, scurry, scurry
always in a rush.
I'm the man your parents warn you to stay away from. I'll sit in the corner of a room, back to the wall, watching every movement you make. I'm the one that fantasizes about your end at my hand, of how your blood may differ in taste from the last, how you'll sound when panicked. I am your admirer from afar, the envious sack of flesh that will never be able to feel the way you do.
I know you've seen me a few times now, I can feel every glance you make my way. I know what it is like to be watched, I allow you to see me. I'll play the game, let you have your fill. When I finally look at you I see distress, that's right, caught you. You look away, two seconds tops, before glancing back. Guess what? I'm looking at you now. But you know what? I'm not looking away. Go ahead, pretend like it never happened. Go back to talking with your friends, act like I never existed. I'm smiling on the
The Rising       As he made his way through the wintry nighttime forest, hunched over atop his black warhorse Velox, Kailan Althey wondered for the thousandth time why he still did what he did. All those pompous lords and ladies, drowning in their own wealth and self-importance, scoffed at his simple garments and his paltry possessions. To them he was a common mercenary with a fancy title. Of course, the noble elite looked down on all those below them in rank, but when their comfortable existence was threatened by something their ordinary human soldiers couldn’t kill, they begged and pleaded oh-so-nicely for the aid of a Venator, a hunter of monsters like Kailan Althey—“Fireblade” as he was commonly known. Even then he was treated only with the necessary level of respect owed to his position as one of the youngest Master Venators in history.
       Kailan was headed for a place called Barrow, a small backwater village nestled deep within the Witchwood.
AzraelI open my eyes.
I've forgotten my name.
I've forgotten the taste
of water or the touch
of wind.
I've forgotten my face
and my hands and feet.
I remember the boy
who fell on the road
and I remember the weight
of his body as I threw him
out of the way.
I remember the lights
and the sound and the screams
and the honking horns
and the silence that followed.
When time stopped
I thought of her,
and I hoped she would be
waiting for me wherever
it was that I was going.
I open my eyes and blink
seeing nothing but the empty sky.
Then he comes, gliding in on
wings as black as night.
I can't move or stand
but he kneels beside me.
A pale hand holds an apple
under the nose I had forgotten I had.
A smell, sweet and wet fills my nostrils
as he takes my hand in his, not corpse-cold
but warm, like a soft hearth fire.
He lifts me to my feet
as if I were made of
nothing but air.
White eyes, bright as a star
shine not with glee or malice
but tears of love—tears of sadness
that a father feels as he
Son of the DragonThey crossed the great river Danube
to take what they thought was owed:
our wealth and our lives,
souls to fight for an unloved lord.
The invaders were taken up,
a tribute paid in blood,
as a message to the Conqueror:
You have woken the spirit of the Dragon.
He sends me, his son and heir,
across another Rubicon to burn
your lands to ash, and
your people to embers.
Forewarned of deception,
a trap was sprung, a fortress sacked
and across his lands my words were heard,
a Dragon's voice of overwhelming flames.
And when those of the Conqueror's faith were
consumed, sympathizers and heretics all undone,
only then did the Dragon's tongue retreat
back into its maw of bristling swords.
And now as the Conqueror rides to me
I sit at my table before my keep, waiting
beneath a sullen sky of grey, watching
as they ride forth, the Conqueror and his legions vast.
A thirst for vengeance drives them on like
herded cattle that look up with angry hollow eyes
only to find themselves in the slaughterhouse.

Some of my :+fav:s I want to share with you

My favorite place by CookiesOChocolaThe mongoose? Challenge accepted. by ArunaudoLittle Dragon by idevolutiveLoving Gold (colors) by MydriadQu'est ce t'as toi. T'en veux une by Rayon2luneFlipFlop by CharlnPlay with Me by Noxypia

The Sanctuary by nilTraceMeteor by phantastesThe answer by AlMaNeGrAWhite Towers by Venlian:thumb356725978:The Procession by KhorghilThe Village... by aliencharmLonely Mountain by EstelinakinaOf Monsters Great and Small by JakobHanssonPrism Of Knowledge by 1oshuartSeyyah by MemedSilent memories by Mishiceportal by PatiMakowskaEgg Caves by Mr--JackThe Secret Tower by ReneAigner

One Last Sunset by MorriganArtThe messenger by jodeeeLa espera by LattapiatCustode della grotta 2013 by ilona-vereskWhite Paladin by iara-artThe Flame of the Jellyfish by Wesley-SouzaWhette by echo-xRaphael V2 by LexanaSIN by omupiedJade: A Reputation in the Making..... (commission) by Saidge42Man of the sea by daRozThe Oath of Flame by Dark134Abraxas by BriscottMask by RiccusSCARLET LILY by utenaxchanCommission 023 by KmeLady Fay Ree... by BlueMillenium:thumb356740075:Abraxas Scorcher by DeadInTheAtticFlow by RHADSLady by alikasapogluThe Holy River by Livanya

Aah-Nea-Rah - Phoenix Flute by KredriMumoku No Oni by christopherburdett:thumb356603968:Chimera by badillafloydFloraxi gon' give it to ya by ALRadeckForgotten Deity by Pythosblaze

Dark Angel by Dysis23ATelvanni mage by IcedWingsArtForsaken by ValantisDigitalArtNo such thing as monsters by neverdyingboobs and rubies by KubaboomRaven by Freyja-MCoronation Of The Serpent by ValantisDigitalArtDragon Age 3: Inquisition Fanart by tekkoontanSomething for Fun V by ladyarnwynSnake Queen by agnideviheat of the city by NanFe:thumb346875727:Baron Samedi Greets You by Ranya-Ni:thumb357069980:mist by ArchiaOryixArtorias by Lensar

:hug:Thanks for the fav stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx:huggle:
Thank you deeply for your constant support, all your love and kindness!

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