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October 12, 2013
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Lune by DameOdessa Lune by DameOdessa
"When the Twilight appears, the Moon comes back to life"

Finally!!! I did it!! My baby! I painted Lune :squee: (it means "I love this character") It was a character popping into my mind one day who told me "hey! I'm Lune, my role in your story will be *censored*, now draw me!"

If Ereshkidal is the key to unlock all the mysteries of the Shredded Lands, Lune is certainly the paddlock. Truly... I don't even know where to begin to introduce it... Yes, "it"... Lune cannot be considered as something human... Let say it is closer to the perfect weapon. As you can see it, Lune is both kid, man and woman. This is inspired by how is depicted the Moon in many religions and beliefs: Hecate for exemple or the Wicca. For the Wiccan, there is a triple goddess because of the phases of the Moon: young girl, woman, old woman (considering that the fourth phase, the Dark Moon, is invisible: Lune also has this shape, it is its own shadow it can use... a bit oddly...). This is almost the same for Lune. It is male, female and asexual (as a kid, it is not possible to assert it's a girl or a boy). But this doesn't mean Lune turns to a shape to another with different memories: for it, telling "I'm a man" is just like you telling "I'm ill", it's a particular state and condition, lasting for hours, days or years.

As I already told it, Lune is not human (neither Asura, nor vampire or anything else by the way), it's a unique creature, born from some eerie varen experiment: two twins were merged in the womb of their mother (it means Lune is her own brother and his own sister...), a single soul was implanted to the three shapes and two spirits were carefully chosen for a particular aim (as a kid, Lune has no spirit). Indeed, Lune's life is only devoted to one goal: its prey, a man it has been trained for years to kill. I think you can easily guess who is this man if I add that Lune's features had to be as close as possible to this prey...

Though it looks like one, Lune is not an albino: it is true it has a very pale skin and white hair but trust me it also has a VERY good sight (it can even see in darkness) and not a lot of weakness. Its eyes are very recognizable: grey pupils, icy blue iris with a circle of red/magenta around the pupil. As it was trained to become a killing machine, Lune has also some impressive talents like reading on people's lips, being able to use any kind of weapons or spells, withstanding pain, famine and thirst, speaking many languages. However, it still has a kind of innocence and naivety, it doesn't know a lot of things about the world surrounding it...

As a kid, Lune is the seal (used to contain the other shapes and regenerate them), it is not very talkative, mysterious, curious and mischevious, sweet and calm but sometimes close to an autistic person. Nevertheless, this is the most steady shape of its... One point: it loves to touch Eridan's hair... maybe because of some memories from one of its spirits...
As a man, he is a real armourer's on two legs: he holds 2 curved shorts swords, 2 daggers, 2 elbow blades, 1 poignard (right boot), 1 misericorde (left boot), a set of throwing knives (left shoulder), 1 long sword, 1 stiletto (right glove) and a set on needles (left arm)... Yes, Lune as a man is REALLY dangerous (and even if weapons are funny to use, fists and feet are also useful)... Very clever and cultured, seducing, he loves killing people and seeing blood on his skin drives him into madness. This is the shape he uses the most in my story.
As a woman, she is mad, crazy... Amazing sorceress, she only speaks singing and using verses... In this shape, she has had an affair with two of my OC...

Lune can use any shape it needs, depending its mission. It perfectly knows which one suits the best the situation. There are some other interesting characteristics about this creature: as a man he is sterile, but as a woman she can be pregnant (and decides to stop her pregnancy or defer it); Lune also really really likes eating raw meat (and... not only of animals...), it likes cats (not to eat them!), any kind of cats (unfortunatly... big cats also...); for some months he has been trained within the Ghost Hand and met Sylven (this is by the way the begining of their mutual hate...)...

By the way, Lune is not its true name: the Guard of the city it is living in gave it this nickname because of its appearance. The Varens who created it didn't even took the trouble to give it a proper name...

Lune is a character I love, which means a lot of issues for it: its soul is a key, considering how "evil" was this souls and the spirits in its body, Lune was condemned to suffer a lot... Hope is a word it doesn't even know...

references for the poses:……… by :iconcheyenne75:

Related work: Moonlight promise by DameOdessa

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M0onQueen Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Je viens de me rendre compte que je n'avais même pas fav ce dessin, honte sur moi T__T

(raaaah Lune qu'est-ce que t'es baisa... euh beau !!!!!!)
DameOdessa Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ahahaha mais c'est pas grave voyons XD

(Dje, lâche ce clavier è_é)
Tsukiiyo Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Luuuuuuuuuuune ♥
DameOdessa Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:D c'est fou comme il provoque une réaction assez similaire chez les fangirls!
Tsukiiyo Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha, que veux-tu ? On est fangirl ou on ne l'est pas !! 
LadyCheck Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
waouh franchement quel personnage *c*
extrêmement bien pensé et quand même avec un physique de ouf!

je les adore tous les trois
à la fois pareil et intéressant j'adore !

et le dessin *v*
tous les trois magnifiques >u<
DameOdessa Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aahaha le charme de Lune a encore frappé XD
Contente que le monsieur... madame ? Gamin ? te plaise XD il est particulier mais c'est un de mes persos préférés ^_^

Aww, merci vraiment, très contente que les 3 facettes te plaisent!
(a la base je voulais te commissionner Lune femme en kimono Tsuki no Yumi by DameOdessa mais je me suis dit "si je fais ça, elle va me détester >_>")

Merci du fond du coeur, tu peux pas savoir à quel point je suis heureuse de savoir que ce perso te plait °3°
LadyCheck Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
toujours *v*
j'adore aussi les personnages avec les cheveux blancs! ça ajoute un charme xD

je crois que les trois me plaisent autant, tous aussi bien trouvés que l'autre
(Gamin=Choux, Madame= Folle mais ensorcelante (LOL), Monsieur= DIEU)


super magnifique!! *v*
DameOdessa Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Cheveux blancs!!!!

Aww, merci pour eux trois, décidément, tu peux pas savoir comme ça m'émeut :happycry:

LadyCheck Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
trois petits (enfin grands) anges
d'aspects xD
je ne voudrais pas en croiser un ovo'
je ne sais jamais comment ils réagiraient xD
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