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June 5, 2013
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Luna Cee by DameOdessa Luna Cee by DameOdessa

Finiiiiiiished :faint:

So the forbidden questions are:
-How long did it take to finish ?
-How are your wrists ? :D

As it is maybe one of the most big and "impressive" works in my whole gallery (and the one I enjoyed the most to do ;)), I'm going to be a bit more talkative this time

First thing: this drawing is 147 cm (almost my height) x 29.7 cm, in other words 7 A4 sheets ;) Sorry if there are some problems between each page, it was difficult to scan to have only one frieze.

I had to browse Neith's Luna Cee gallery and blog to be sure to understand her characters and universe (and ask some questions for details :giggle:). Then it was the printing of many references from *CHEYENNE75's gallery (thanks Gods, she is the best stock owner I know, I found almost everything I needed!). And it began :la:

April, 24th: drawing of Sû, Ménô, Lost, Nataku, Freya and Séléné (during the night for her ;))
April, 25th: drawing of Darkhat and Lilith
April, 26th: drawing of Altaïs, Relyss and Naïok
April, 27th: nothing, it was *krukof2's birthday :D
April, 28th: drawing of Narja, Ike, Gabriel, Jibril, Elenia and Eyaël
April, 29th: nothing, I needed more references to draw, so printing!
April, 30th: drawing of Nelyaeth, Mab, Adalaria and Miisuu
May, 3rd: drawing of Kendall and the Judge
May, 5th: drawing of Kaidaten, Dargan, Isfanihi and the guy-who-still-has-no-name :XD:
May, 9th: inking the lineart
May, 11th: coloring of Kaidaten, Dargan, Isfanihi and the guy-who-still-has-no-name + Gariel and Jibril + the Judge
May, 12th: coloring of Miisuu, Adalaria, Mab and Kendall
May, 13th: coloring of Nelyaeth, Altaïs, some parts of Ike and Narja
May, 14th: coloring of Elenya, Eyaël, Lilith, Darkhat, Séléné, inishing Narja and Ike, beginning Relyss
May, 15th: finishing Relyss, beginning Naïok and Sû
May, 16th: FINISH

And now some general thoughts ;)

-I knew I wanted to do a ballpoint pen drawing for Neith's b-day but about which character ? Sû seemed a good choice, but Lost is so sexy, Altaïs so classy etc etc... So a little voice (with red hair and grey eyes) began to whisper at my ears
"Why don't you try to do them ALL ?
-Ahahaha :D Because I'm not able to!
-Why not ? Try..."
Indeed... why not... that was a personnal challenge (well, at first I thought only 3 sheets would have been enough ^^;). Neith has created so amazing characters that I really, REALLY wanted to draw each of them at least once. Just to try... Just to meet them...
-I began with Sû, obviously... and didn't manage to draw her for hours... Oh my Gods... Discouragement, dispondency..."Persist, persist" said the little voice... And that was it...
-Kaidaten too was terrible to draw... Never the good face or pose for her...
-Luckily, Gabriel was so easy to draw. He... err... she... Well, THIS character is a delight! And the hair... Bliss... But Gabriel and Jibril had to be the spoilsports, silly brats... They didn't want to place on my sheet as I wanted to... This is why there are so many blank parts at the end (et moi qui me permettais de critiquer les parties blanches de ton "Southern Kingdoms" :D)
-Miisuu, my love... At first I was so so afraid about all her details, kimono, flowers, jewels... But that was amazing to do and so easy... However I have had a big problem with her: How the Hell are called the flowers in her hair ? è_é Impossible to remember their name :rofl: But I'm not sure her face is really good :( Maybe she have too distinctive looks...
-And Relyss is maybe a bit too virile (at least, Darkhat won't make fun of him :D)
-Concerning Darkhat (and Lost and Dargan, obvisouly), this is SO difficult to concentrate when you draw such sexy men...
-I also had problems with some characters I didn't know at all such as Elenya or Eyaël: oh geez, I was just hoping she wouldn't add more of them... (but I forgot Neji, my big big shame about this drawing...) And please, find a name for the poor boy who has no name ;)
-I'm also sorry about the size of each character which is clearly not related to their importance :(
-And Mab... Mab, Mab, Mab... She was looking too much like Odessa! >_<
- I tried to have a kind of logic when I placed the characters: Sû, the heroïne is the first (and the only full-body), then Lost (her lover) and Ménô (who is linked to Nataku). Freya is supposed to protect Sû, so next is the whole Black Circle ( + Naïok who is Nataku's brother). Narja, Ike and Altaïs are from the Northern Kingdoms just like Naïok and... the problems began with Gabriel and Jibril... So I had to draw them in another sheet and then came back to the Elves. I also chose to draw Adalaria close to them (Nature, forest...) and of course Miisuu (Earth) and the Judge. So my little spoilsports come after and I finish with Dargan, Kaidaten and other characters from the Southerns Kingdoms so I can come back to Sû :D
-To finish (very very talkative...), Neith, forgive me for all the mistakes about anatomy, designs or perspectives :please: Oh yes and about the dark skins... I didn't dare to try to color them, I was very confident with a ballpoint pen to do such work, as you can see it, it's difficult to have a beautiful plain color... :(
-Of course, hours of music were listened to: Magna Carta, LOTR, Castlevania, Enya...
-No pen was injuried or harmed during the process...
-(et ça je le mets en français parce que c'est la honte) J'avoue avoir versé une petite larme lorsque j'ai fini ce dessin... Pas parce que j'étais fatiguée et contente d'avoir fini... Non, simplement parce que je quittais ces personnages avec qui j'avais fait un beau voyage... Vous savez, comme quand vous lisez le mot "fin" à la dernière page d'un livre que vous avez adoré. C'était exactement le même sentiment. Ce ne sont pas mes persos, je sais que je dois leur dire au revoir, mais j'ai franchement eu le temps de m'attacher à eux et de les aimer :) Alors, merci, Neith d'avoir créé ces êtres magnifiques et cet univers envoûtant:hug:

References used: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] + some no more available
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leenleena Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Pourquoi quand je tape Kaidaten je tombe sur ton image? :o je la vois pas ici .__. (mère des démons dans shin angyo onshi) très belle compo sinon ^^
DameOdessa Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*rire* Kaidaten est aussi le nom d'un personnage original de ooneithoo (c'est la jeune fille tout à droite avec le grand chapeau ;))
Merci beaucoup :glomp:
leenleena Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
HAAAAN ben j'en apprends des choses =) merfix
funnyso Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
mec c'est tellement stylé.
DameOdessa Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Tout le mérite revient à ooneithoo la créatrice originale des designs de ces magnifiques personnages :)
funnyso Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ohh :)
ANIME407 Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
DameOdessa Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
maguigrigri Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tous ces personnages rassemblés.. *.* Alors là, c'est fort, en plus d'être super bien dessiné! Je crois que je suis fan de tes oeuvres au crayon!
DameOdessa Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oui ça a été très long mais vu les réactions suscitées (et le bonheur de Neith), ça en valait largement le coup ;) (mais j'en referai pas d'un moment une compo comme ça ^^;)
Merci :blush:
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