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July 28, 2013
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Griever by DameOdessa Griever by DameOdessa
"Kill me... and the whole fate of the Shredded Lands will finally be turned upside down... You have no idea about what you're about to wake..."

You can easily guess -considering his sweet smile and tender look- that Griever is an adorable character full of joy and mercy... Alright... He is mad. Crazy. Twisted.

I have a strange relationship with Griever: I just hate drawing him, I can't stand for his style (actually even his mother hates the way he dresses and acts) but I love to have him in my story and use him both as a friend and foe for most of my heroes.

Griever is maybe one of the most talented and powerful sorcerers in the Shredded Lands, because of the mix of bloods in his veins: he is an half-elf draemnoth (half-Asura). Many people think his mother was an Elf raped by a demon... How foolish... He loves his mother, he even worshipes her and would be able to do anything for her smile. Even sacrifices his own life. The both know he will have to die during a terrible event and her mother would try her best to save him. Unfortunatly this would mean choosing between the life or her son or the fate of the Shredded Lands...

This man is far from the usual image we have of sorcerers: he is neglected, doesn't absolutly care about his appearance and have a horrible taste concerning his clothes (in our world, for him, wearing a Chanel's dress with espadrilles would be awesome >_<). Nevertheless, despite his androgynous look and his clothes, he is an admirable seducter, having dozen of mistress and lovers (and they are not even prostitutes! ;)). He is one of my OC who never hold a weapon: his magic is quite enough but even if he is very thin, he has an incredible strength. Griever is awfully fickle, sarcastic and can be easily offended, it's a real pain in the ass for his friends to travel with him... Known as the "Sorcerer in red coat" or "Devil in bloody coat", he is also famous for being considered as a "prophet", though because of his madness, none believes in his words... but... is he really that crazy ?

Griever has an important role in my story but he doesn't appear a lot... Actually at a certain point only his body will be used... Just look at his spell... and think about a certain look...

Reference for the pose:……

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il est vraiment trop mignon !
DameOdessa Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Le charme de Griever a encore opéré :D Contente que mon petit détraqué préféré te plaise ;)

Il ne peut que opéré :la: il est si beau :faint: en plus son style vestimentaire et son caractère ! grrr !!!  XD:hug: tu créer vraiment des très beau design :clap:

DameOdessa Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
XD nonmaisnonmaisnon... il est complètement barré, ce type :rofl: Il a un goût de chi***** pour s'habiller en plus :D

Tu peux pas savoir comme ça me fait plaisir ce genre de réflexions sur mes persos :glomp:

maissimaissi !! justement j'aime encore plus ça :giggle:

Ouais mais la son habit est juste trop beau ! :D Ben c'est la vérité :hug:

maguigrigri Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
J'adore le look de ce personnag-ci, sa veste rouge avec ses broderies dorées, sa natte et son air malicieux! x) Les volutes magiques sont très réussi aussi! En bref, c'est très coloré!
(la seule chose qui me choque c'est que sa jambe gauche est un peu trop longue par rapport à l'autre... mais c'est un détail!)
DameOdessa Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
XD tu es bien la première personne à me dire que tu adores son look (c'est toujours une plaie de le dessiner tellement il est... particulier :D) Bon on passe aussi sur le côté fou et psychopathe ^^;
Ouep en effet, faudrait que je corrige tout ça, merci :)
such a unique outfit buddy.  would be fun to dress up in lol
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