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September 16, 2013
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Anjarael and Balsima by DameOdessa Anjarael and Balsima by DameOdessa
"We may not share the same blood, but the link I share with my father is not a lie"

Another colored version of those sketches I presented you some weeks ago :meow: And a girl this time (two girls actually, the pavor is a female too ^_^)

So here is Anjarael (but everybody calls her Anja for short). She is obviously a Dökkálfar, daughter of the Archmage Xelorr'Him and sister of Maz'Ram. Well, she is not exactly from their family as the Archmage adopted her when she was almost a baby. Her mother was one of his disciples and she was killed by Anja biological father, Shaazar, so the Archmage decided to take care of her. Today, for the whole community of Dökkálfar, she is but her daughter, which means she has...a particular status within their society (her brother is always looking after her and... most of all the men who would dare to come a bit too near... Protective, very protective, brother...)

But Anja is not a little princess, selfish and spoiled: she learnt magic with her father and the other Masters during years, she is very intelligent, always interested in foreign cultures, history, she speaks at least 3 languages (Drude obviously, Concordim, Tuatha and a bit of Anfri). Like her friend and Master, Erik'Soë, she is very curious and a real hothead (she used to be a very turbulent and exhausting child, a true tomboy).

Because of her true father rancour, she has to flee from the Saevitia to save both her life and family, so this means the beginning of her adventure through the Shredded Lands. She will soon discover that actually this more difficult than expected to survive in such world and even her magic won't be enough. As you can see it, she also wears a dagger, something her brother ordered her to do, but she doesn't feel very comfortable with weapons, even if she is very supple and nimble, fighting is not for her... Luckily she will meet some very different people who will become her friends (they don't care if she is a Dökkálfar, but knowing that she is Xelorr'Him's daughter will frighten them a little): Naraďn is the first one she meets in the ruins of an antic city near Dęnakę. Pusued by Shaazar's henchmen, one of them try to rape her but Naraďn kills them all with a formidable and very efficient discretion (most of all, because his weapon is a blowpipe, he was raised by a Xoltec tribe, but he is not carochayas himself, he was abandoned by his parents in the jungle, this is why he feels immediatly close to Anja who is also an adopted child). Naraďn is a mekigar, a shaman, who has to flee from his village because of some dark oracles... He is linked to the crow, his familiar (his name means "crow" in nephileďm by the way ;)) and he will soon discover that Anja is not only a talented sorceress but she seems to have much more ancient powers.

They will then meet the weapon master Layanne, a lady looking for the murderer of her master, and Arcadius, an historian passionated about Atlantean myths (and a wizard, he was contaminated by an artefact, now the etherean necrosis is slowly killing him, he knows he won't live for long, but it keeps this secret to not bother his friends).

The main point is Naraďn and the other will understand that Anja as an Elf is directly linked with Nature (an old, very ancient Nature...) and she is a mekigar too (Dökkálfar become shamans, while Tuatha are Druids, this is because of the link the first ones have with death...). But Anjarael's spirit is not connected with a simple bird of big cat: her familiar is a pavor, a creature born with the world itself, born during the Tjukurpa, when the Gods were still dreaming. This will be a tough ordeal for her (considering the fact that the brother-spirit can perfectly kills you if it thinks you don't deserve its help). Luckily, the pavor will accept her and Anja will call her Balsima ("Sister" in Drude). But this is only part of all the adventures the four friends will live together... You can also easily guess that Maz'Ram will closely look after the men she chose as friends, none moves nearer his beloved sister without his agreement...

Let say that Anja is my Liriel Baenre :giggle: But she is much more cheerful, cute and clumsy and her father is far nicer and more protective toward people than Gromph :giggle: For once, I'm really happy how the skin turned out (I was afraid of painting a black skin ^^;) and I couldn't imagine Anja with another eye color ;) And yes, she is very concerned about her appearance, she uses make-up. At first she had long hair but decided to cut it in the ruins, for greater convenience.

Reference for the pose… from :iconcheyenne75:'s gallery (the outfit is also inspired by many references Cheyenne posted but it seems they are no longer available)
Texture by :icontsabo6:

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maguigrigri Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tiens, est-elle une sorte d'elfe noir? (je vais me faire taper dessus... <_<) Les courbes de son corps sont fort belles! Et en plus, tu sais aussi dessiner les créatures bizarres... je vais te vénérer! Worship
DameOdessa Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
C'est en effet une Dökkálfar (elfe noire des Terres lacérées, accessoirement un des peuples que j'aime le plus en fantasy:love:) mais assez sympathique tout de męme :D
ah ah ah j'adore dessiner des bestioles monstrueuses/bizarres/mignonnes et encore j'ai du me réfréner pour pas faire un bestiaire énoooorme :D
Merci :blush: mais c'est trois fois rien...
et pis moi je vénčre ta maîtrise du tradi, la classe de tes persos et ton génie de la colorisation :D
wingsofdragons Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
lovely eyes.
DameOdessa Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
wingsofdragons Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
My pleasure :hug:
she has awesome characteristics, and so does her little critter.   I want one. . . . I think lol gulp.
DameOdessa Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much, dear:glomp:
Aarok Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What a pretty lady and an interesting familiar too, the pavor looks like some sort of snakedog.

Oh by the way, how long you've been working on your world Shredded Lands now? Must've been years, or?
The stories of the presented characters are so detailed and well thought, I like that.
DameOdessa Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much, dear :)
I love the word snakedog, I think I'm going to keep it if you don't mind :blushes:

Years indeed! Actually something like 6 year if you include my very first fantasy world which is now part of the Shredded Lands :)
Arieskin Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Really cool character! I like her perfect shapes ;)
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