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I suggest Daily Deviations by NewYorkKid618
You're all are such amazing artists, my friends! I hope I'll be able to help you get a DD soon! :heart:

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:heart: Thank you for your wonderful gifts, my friends :heart:

The Shredded Lands (illustrations)

Heroes of the Lands by DameOdessa

Who would even remember my name... by DameOdessaMy love for you still remains... by DameOdessa
Tsuki no Yumi by DameOdessaLune, tu crois qu'il va faire beau aujourd'hui by DameOdessaLune by DameOdessa
Le Bourreau au visage d'ange by DameOdessaDay off by DameOdessaIt's a good night for a murder by DameOdessa
Pot-de-colle, va... by DameOdessaWhy has our love to be so painful ? by DameOdessa
Of pups and swordsman by DameOdessa
I still remember our promise by DameOdessaOf cubs and hunter by DameOdessaSo, what are you intending to tell me ? by DameOdessaMoonlight promise by DameOdessa
Moonlight magic by DameOdessaBecause there is none for me... by DameOdessaTruth for the fool by DameOdessa
Sexy Odie ID by DameOdessaSecret d'alcove by DameOdessaWelcome, I was waiting for you by DameOdessa
I'm just enjoying the view by DameOdessaYours... by DameOdessaWell, what am I supposed to do with you, now ? by DameOdessa
The Great Royal Wife by DameOdessaLady Erichto of the Ankou by DameOdessaShe-who-brings-Destruction by DameOdessa

The Shredded Lands (concepts)

The Shredded Lands by DameOdessa

La Flamboyante  by DameOdessaOdessa by DameOdessaThis is going to be a hard struggle by DameOdessa
The mercenary by DameOdessaPortrait of the last Nephileim by DameOdessaThe Nephileim by DameOdessa
Ugo ''lo Sfregio'' Buonafede by DameOdessaSylven by DameOdessaGriever by DameOdessa
The Ghost Hand by DameOdessa
Zamjhee by DameOdessaDeclan ''Deke'' Amarello by DameOdessaAnjarael and Balsima by DameOdessa
Zaradine by DameOdessaAcmon by DameOdessaShaelz'drynn by DameOdessaLady Evanaskia by DameOdessa
Respect, honor, peace by DameOdessaLady ? You'd think so, wouldn't you ? by DameOdessaCliff Saintluc by DameOdessa
The Crushing Quake by DameOdessaThe Greedy Madness by DameOdessaThe Burning Scourge by DameOdessa
The Capricious Wave by DameOdessaFripouille by DameOdessa
Dibodia's Lair by DameOdessaConcept - Joachim's tattoos by DameOdessaChaos' Shrine by DameOdessa

Ballpoint pen Arts

Cassiopée by DameOdessa

Luna Cee by DameOdessa
PRIZE: Lady Tolema by DameOdessaPRIZE: La Duchesse d'Opalis by DameOdessaPRIZE: Sensoutaiken by DameOdessaDon't trust the leaves by DameOdessaVirgo Knight - AT with Stolvezen by DameOdessaKaryukai by DameOdessaCerebium Sparks' Contest: A Brotherly Chivalry by DameOdessaLa Panthère du Keeshir by DameOdessaHeroes of Luna Cee by DameOdessaCzary by DameOdessaA blue demoness by DameOdessaLady Erichto by DameOdessaSorceress, Pirate and Queen by DameOdessaLottery's results by DameOdessa


:iconbenmoustache: :iconvalestycross: :iconlilianaurora: :iconsfilka2000: :iconsyuna88:

dA meetings <3

People from dA I met, all so kind and sweet!


Just for fun


:icongroupthing1plz::icongroupthing1-2plz::icongroupthing1-3::icongroupthing2plz::icongroupthing2-2plz::icongroupthing2-3plz: :iconchaoswheel:

Just for fun II

:iconsparklingpinkloveplz::iconlovesqueeplz::iconenglishrobinplz::iconcardinalplz::iconbluejayplz::icontardboogieplz::iconfurrynuzzleplz::iconfurrydanceplz::iconfurryhighfiveplz::iconfurryhuggleplz::iconfurryglompplz::iconlovebottleplz::iconloveyouplz::iconlovepowerplz::icontardsinloveplz::iconlovesplz::iconstarhugplz::iconthinkingplz::iconiloveyouplz::iconbouquetplz::iconjoyplz::iconthank-youplz::iconfatbunnyplz::iconmypleasuresignplz::iconihaswatcherplz::iconthxwatchplz::iconlovepowerplz::iconbowplz::iconsecrethandshakeplz2::iconawwloveplz::iconmomoglompplz::iconcuteglompplz::ashamed::iconthanks4favplz::iconthanksforthefavplz::iconbwavoplz::iconraindanceplz::iconjarryplz::iconthelovetrainplz::iconveryexcitedplz::iconmashedpotatoplz::iconspinplz::iconheymacarenaplz::iconnuzzleplz::iconhuggleplz::iconpounceglomp::icongromp::iconglompsomethingplz::iconlemmeglompyou2plz::iconredbullglompplz::iconpancakeglompplz::iconnewglomp::iconslowglompplz::iconhyperglompplz::iconnoobplz::iconhappydayplz::iconmeltplz::iconinluvplz::iconnewhugplz::icontardloveplz::iconikissuplz::iconiluplz::iconpumpkinglomp::icongiraffeglompplz::iconcarameldansenplz::iconjoyplz::iconmultifaveplz: :icongoodjobsign: :iconnewyearplz: ::iconxmassignplz: :iconhappyeasterplz: :iconhapholplz: :iconnoproblemsignplz: :iconflowerthnxplz::iconcongratssignplz: :iconhappybirthdaysignplz: :iconrainbowssignplz: :iconthankyousignplz: :iconthankscommentsignplz: :iconyourewelcomesignplz: :iconcatblink-plz::iconspectrolite::iconcatstock::iconhappykitty-plz::iconawesomesaucesignplz: :iconmypleasuresignplz::iconcongratsddplz: :iconthxwatchplz: :iconthxfavplz: :iconthxfavwatchplz::iconthxwatchbubbleplz: :iconthxfavebubbleplz: :iconcoffeeyetplz: :iconxmaslights1: :iconxmaslights2:
:iconundecidedplz: :iconfacepalmsmileyplz: :iconcoolemoteplz: :iconoptimisticplz: :iconmonkeydancetooplz: :iconyourewelcomemorseplz: :iconthankyoumorseplz: :iconsadhugplz::iconignoretrollplz: :iconpenguinsnuggleplz: :iconcongaratsplz: :iconpeekinplz::iconsendchickensoupplz::icongoatplz::iconmeiplz::iconpervymeiplz::iconx3v2plz::iconeeeeeplz::iconsneakylionplz::icondummydanceplz: :dummy: :la::iconmomoglompplz::iconkissmote::iconmashedpotatoplz::iconmeltplz::icongwompplz: :iconeeeeeplz::iconlovecatsplz: :iconeeeeeplz: :iconsecrethandshakeplz::iconmeltplz: :iconcheerplz: :iconemotionkingdom::iconcocoloveplz:
:iconkittyglompplz::iconpandaglompplz::iconpuppyglompplz::iconsealglompplz::iconweaselglompplz::iconpandablompplz::iconbunnyglompplz: :iconpikachuglompplz: :icongilbirdglompplz: :iconbunbunglompplz::iconbunnehglompplz::iconturtlebatglompplz::iconrinlenglompplz::iconmikulenglompplz::iconkaimeiglompplz::iconpuppyglompplz::iconkaitomikuglompplz::icongakulukaglompplz:

Just for fun III


Just for fun IV



Lady Odessa Shadowclaw
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
First of all, a big thank you to all my friends, for your continued support :hug:




Help a friend ? Promote a contest ? Talk about your commissions ?
Do not hesitate to tell, I will add you in my special Journal for Friends and Groups :)
I also feature your contests and their winners :iconlovesqueeplz:
Never hesistate to ask me, this will be a true pleasure! :la:


FO Gifts by EnjoumouFO Requests by EnjoumouFO Collabs by EnjoumouNo Comms by Enjoumou

-I do not take free requests
-I do not want to read "please, draw this character or this one..."
-I choose the contests I join and money/cash will never be a motivation to decide me
-My work CAN'T be used in tubes/manips/exhibits or anything else
-Don't roleplay my OC
-Do not ask me if I go to Japan Expo or other convention, the answer is NO, definetly no, I don't and I won't
I've been patient and kind enough with those points I think but now I need to tell it and you'll have to understand it!
Thank you!

Kiriban stamp by kanako91 FO Kiribans by Enjoumou

Canceled for now but yes, they are only for my active watchers, people who talk with me, are interested in my work, world, OC and are not watching me just waiting for a free drawing.

Closed Trades by Enjoumou
For the whole rules and list of kiribans, look at my journal below :)

If you want to talk with me on SKYPE, just ask me ;)


The biggest crime by Tsukiiyo

"The biggest crime" démontre une fois de plus l'évolution de Tsukiiyo en peinture digitale et le savoir-faire qu'elle a acquis dans la ...

Mydriad - my avataaarrr :D by Mydriad
by Mydriad

Je suis Mydriad depuis ses débuts sur deviantART, voilà plusieurs années maintenant. Et je dois reconnaître que ces derniers mois, son ...

Echoes of my mood + Tag

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2015, 2:50 AM

My group:

My mascots:
Sacha says... by DameOdessaFripouille by DameOdessaPoupou by DameOdessa

Tagged by :iconcerbo-phix: and :iconvicky-pandora: :heart:

Tagged by :iconcerbophix:
You simply pick 5 (or 10 if you have them) ideas of things that you as an artist and as a human being would like to achieve this year of 2015 ! It can be related to anything you want, as long as you have at least one dA related goal!

1:bulletred: First of all but you can easily guess: I want to finish my artbook!:eager: This was my great project of 2014/2015, it is almost done, I'm so eager to see the final result. :squee:
2:bulletred:  Meeting more dA people (and see once again some I've already met ^^)
3:bulletred: Finiding a job <_< Wish me good luck XD
4:bulletred: Writing! :la: Yes because drawing is nice but know I need to tell more about my characters and their stories so if at least I was able to write ONE story like Sylven's or Lune's it would be great! :w00t:
5:bulletred: Find love ? XD Honestly I don't know, I think I'm a lucky girl with all that I have already :) I won't ask more :D


Tagged by :iconvicky-pandora:
1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you. ain't nobody got time for dat. Mentions feature and all that
6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags.
10) You MUST make a journal entry!

10 facts about myself
:bulletred: I have Sicilian and Spanish roots.
:bulletred: My eyes seems to be brown but when I'm angry or the weather close to a storm they turn green.
:bulletred: I love to cook and try new recipes (usually random, feeling my instinct XD)
:bulletred: I'm very sensitive and can be easily moved or sad ^^"
:bulletred: I used to play chess, just for fun (I'm not pro at all)
:bulletred: The game I played the most is Primal: I'm really addicted.
:bulletred: None is allowed to touch my hair, none è_é Or I'm going to bite!
:bulletred: I do not drink alcohol at all...
:bulletred: I walk a lot, I like to "wander", it helps me when i need to think, find new ideas
:bulletred: After the artbook, I will probably try to write some more stories and to do traditional works (this is going to be epic I guess XD)

:iconvicky-pandora:'s questions
1. Do you have any hobby ?
Gardening! :la: I love to take care of my flowers and plants!
2. How would you describe yourself in two words ?
Chaotic and odd ^^"
3. What is your favorite song ?
So many! "Compass" by Two Steps from Hell for now! And "Sleepwalker" by Nightwish :heart:
4. What do you think of Game of Thrones ?
A good world and story but the books are far better than the TV show!
5. Favorite superhero ?
Aspen and Sara Pezzini!
6. Do you play any video game ?
Yessssssss!!! (Don't ask which ones though XD)
7. What was your dream career as a child ?
So many things actually :rofl: I was planning to study dinosaurs, then big cats, then snakes, then gangs and mafias... I still don't have precise idea XD
8. If you were an animal, which one would it be? (I stole the question, I must admit I liked this one x))
9. Any villain you like ?
Killian from Fathom, Albel Nox (not really a bad guy OK) from Star Ocean III, Isaac and Joachim from Castlevania but my absolut favourite is Sydney Losstarot from Vagrant Story (though he can't be considered as a true villain ^^")
10. Is there a name you like a lot ?
Russian names such as Dmitri, Ievgueni for example!


My questions (stolen from other people :giggle:)
1. 8. If you were an animal, which one would it be? (I stole the question, I must admit I liked this one x))
2. Any pet peeves ?
3. What makes you laugh ?
4. If you were able to change one thing in your personality, what would it be?
5. What kind of power would you like to have ?
6. Is there a famous event in recent history you'll keep in mind forever ?
7. (Selfish question) So far, which one of my OC is your favourite ? :3
8. What is your favourite book ?
9. What are you looking for in a story?
10. Introvert or extrovert ?


And i tag (for BOTH tags XD):
Bonus d'Ishkur :iconm0onqueen: (passkeeeeeeee >8D)

Featured artists! Show them some love! :heart:

WOWfanart01ii by blackwings736Sakura by blackwings736Diablo Fanart1 by blackwings736
Shiva by Ron-faureZodiac Guardian Virgo by Ron-faureSelphie Tilmitt by Ron-faure
Sweet Treasure by 0elisThe necklace. by 0elisGandalf by 0elis
Concept Art 2 by IllustrumGaladriel by IllustrumConcept Art 1 by Illustrum
Les 2 Alpes by okissopDream on by okissopWe Called Him Sirus by okissop

TAG``Bucket List of Incredible Things``TAGHeeyy there!! Okay so First and Foremost I would just want to let y'all know that Ive never done this before, nevertheless STARTING one out x''D
Buttt I had a dream believe it or not, and I woke up, and in my dream I was doing this tag with one of my friends here on dA, and I thought It was a sign, that maybe I should really REALLY do it in real life! xD okay so basically, I don't know if this tag already exists, but uhh.. If not then I guess I just made it up? okay it goes like this...
You simply pick 5 (or 10 if you have them) ideas of things that you as an artist and as a human being would like to achieve this year of 2015 ! It can be related to anything you want, as long as you have at least one dA related goal! I guess this is a pretty simple tag, but yolo its fine I've never done this!! xD Im going to tag some of my friends on dA that MUST DO THIS TAG! BWAHAHWAHAHHA... And to make it fun, they must favourite and make a journ

Music anyone ?

Some of my :+fav:s I want to share with you

Dragon fire - commission by iisjahFirst love by Vasylissa.: Camilla at the beach :. by MarmottegarouSitting Pretty by PridesCrossingCommission - Full of Courage by AmericanDorkLittle Ivy by CookiesOChocolaHappy Birthday Eli by Lilaccu

I3 by WeissglutAfternoon Bus Stop by xseerxOrum - Eva by Petros-StefanidisCursed Forest by andreasrochaSolar winds on Ceres by TohadSailing away from here by IppotamusCity In The Mountain by MarcoHerreraSet of fantasy maps by MaximePLASSEShadows & Light by NTGreen

..:: Emeralds ::.. by OceanLordKoal[2] by EmilyenaBreath [improved] by WildEllieSeth Nightroad. Passion by TaisiaFlyaginaTaranis Etherna by TsuchiKuroiErinaya, Sword Breaker by ParadisiacPictureNiaren's wind by Chyana:: Water Elementalist :: by SangrdeBattle of The Grand Tower by D-FactionIllustration: Black wing Angel by thuyngan[Character Design Battlegear] Black+Red by joshuadracShelegiel, Angel of Snow by PeteMohrbacherNami by Overweight-CatThree of us by CygnetzzzFaith, Devotion, Prayer. by cyanthreeCleopatra by Greta-HeronThe pleasure to get on your nerves by Lithana-StiaKorolevna. Commission. by Servia-DPatreon - Auresque by shilinAlayna by JanainaArtGuild Wars 2 - The Fires of Balthazar by elliriaThe Ruins on Stone Hill by tjotaHigh summer arrival by makkou4Arwen and Melian by ebe-kasteinEowyn and Faramir by CG-WarriorIorveth Concept by VriheddDryade by Eva-PowaSorceress by WhendellLeda-Valentyne O.S. - The Bookmaker by Calicot-ZCSkjaur... by KeltainenCall me Dagger - Adrian Wolve by AdrianWolve

Dragon Swarm by f-souzaMa Ling for Zenida by l-HydenThe sky was grey by SkohelThe Victorious  by RylthaFor you by Zero1510Ex Inferis by Aarok

Crow by strigoidesColored character commission by LunarethAssassin by muddychicknHorsemen by fetfreakDemon of Ash by ArturJagJandice Barov by TamplierPainterQop by wei-ziFallenAngel by Cushartsorceress of destiny by Hedrick-CSSavior by Van-VermillyonThe Lady by anays555SecondBreath Awoken V2 by KABrenVampire's Soul by tincek-marincekRaven Keeper by MethyssLoc Ppj V25 Fin Logo by totorrlThe Grey Wolf by HeylenneDrow Elf mage by undeadcrabstickOC - Envy by Reno-ArtMaster of Dreams by MatsumotoSenseiDumoas Vlos by Lady-XellesUnexpected admirer by CandraHuitzilopochtli by ReicheranAT: Orgollyn by EllirhShaanCommission : Revanraywan by MoonDeLBlack Gold by alexnoreaga

:hug:Thanks for the fav stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx:huggle:
Thank you deeply for your constant support, all your love and kindness!

CSS created by Hanafae and customized by DameOdessa
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:iconthe-5elements: :icondigital-art-fantasy: :iconredream-rpg: :icone-motion-addiction: :iconfranceofficiel: :iconthe-shredded-lands: :iconda-talent: :iconpopotins-en-folie:


RP cute stamp by himawari-tanThey're coming for you by MarmadukeOvermindThank you even is it's short. by eranashineKind of a lot of things by eranashineI Speak French Stamp by Apple44Chinese Zodiac - Tiger by Sharkfoldmoon lover stamp by ohhperttylightsZodiac Stamp 'Scorpio' by SharkfoldLove Stamp by Kezzi-RoseUnknown Artists Stamp by Timesplitter92My Comment Stamp by magicalmasterpieceI Love OCs- Stamp by FakeWings18I Love The Rain by WearwolfaaHopeless Dreamer by SsGirloOC Torture Stamp by bokujin-geshiFantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatoriOnce Upon a Time Stamp by TwilightProwlerHate Artist's Block Stamp by fear-the-brillianceSo Many Books by LaPurrReply by StampedesWriters Stamp by shadow-wolf-hauntsI support original characters by vero-g6-stampsMore time... by prosaix"Explaining" Stamp by Sonira-StampsGood Guys Stamp by WolvenFlamesDevil May Cry stamp by KenchoAnti-Greedy Stamp by AgentLaffey119Falling asleep to the sound of rain ~ stamp by OtomeNishikiDnD Stamp by KeungLeeChaos Star by Seimei-rooForgotten Realms stamp by EngornReply Comments Stamp by KelpyKradCulture by Skuld-Youngest-NornPizza lover stamp by RetroDuoSushi Love Stamp by chikaex0ticaYUMMY WUMMY... by PixieRiotDon't we all? by Snuf-StampsI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateI love drawing stamp by Paddy-fanDream like a child stamp by Paddy-fanSMT Fan Stamp by Finalzidane-XWishful Thinking by whispwillLong haired men by lonelycrowI Love Villains Stamp by Drknz1300Hug Stamp by SparkLumDMC- Jackpot -stamp- by SeraphoidMagna Carta stamp by AoiKitadIfFeRenT by mylastelStar Ocean 3 Stamp by charry-photosI love drawing by muslmaVillains Stamp by SpikytasticUNF by 1FoxyladyI love comments by Sedmawrong reality by WolfcatStampsi'm in love with someone.. by discoraveVagrant Story Stamp by KeopxLove Comments Stamp by GaretiemI Love Chocolate by SophibelleConstructive Criticism :stamp: by kchuuFRIENDS STAMP by emo-cityI Love Elves by skinnyveestampI Support the Villains. by Hurricane-HannahI love pasta by Claire-stampsEmotes by SaytherineMy OC are my treasure STAMP by The-Last-Fallen-AngeOC stamp by Crimson-KaizerTSFH - Fan -stamp- by Cecilia-vas-ilionPhases of the Moon stamp by Ghostwalker2061Red Army Chorus by VVraithI support my friends stamp by SynfullI Love It When This Happens by Metroid-TamerAutumn Stamp by mcericOriginal Characters Stamp by Stamp221Girl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWowStamp - Lazy by DragoN-FXOC - Soul Stamp by AlpharesSupport OC Love Stamp by Krazys-StampsLove Music Stamp by hahaha-huhuhuMmm, cake... by MetadreamI love Italian food Stamp by ChibikaedeI Love White Hair by friend by Marsy-88OC appreciation stamp by ChrysalisloverLove Big Cats Stamp by PyroStormSTAMPS contest 13 by egyptiansAyami Kojima by Aru-StampsI REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivionArtists 10: Yoshitaka Amano by MetadreamRose STAMP by pofezionalNo Respect by MegSyvRespect and Tolerance by Chrysalisloverweird dreams stamp by ShadowPhantomToph-xoWaterMoon stamp by JasminaSusakAnimal Lover Stamp by Spilled-Sunlight.:: Animal Rights Stamp V2 ::. by loneantarcticwolfRandom Acts of Generosity by loneantarcticwolfhug me stamp by Thiefoworld[Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest
Stamp-M0onQueen by TsukiiyoStamp-ooneithoo by TsukiiyoStamp-Krukof2 by TsukiiyoStamp-WenJR by TsukiiyoI-support-Maguigrigri-stamp by DameOdessaStamp - Lady-Oolong by TsukiiyoI-support-Tsukiiyo-stamp by DameOdessaStamp - scarlett-aimpyh by TsukiiyoI-support-songes-et-crayons-stamp by DameOdessaStamp: Support Hed' by Nawamane+ S T A M P : Memento-Chesis + by Marie-EmStamp-Spadie by TsukiiyoStamp-Linelana by Tsukiiyo


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~ Olàlà... Tu as vraiment fait ma soirée ; __ ; ♥ Merci infiniment pour tous tes Favs et tous les commentaires sur mes derniers artworks, je suis toujours aussi honorée >w< ♥ Je crois que tu es comme une sorte d'Ange Gardien en fait haha !!

Bonne soirééééééée et mille milliards de mille merci encore une fois !! >w< ♥
Gnhhhhh :hug:
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